Because software code quality & architecture matters!

About "us"

We believe that passion and knowledge is the key to deliver amazing results.

We do learn steadily and we do help others in our community (since mentoring is a must everywhere to keep up with changes).

It’s no wonder we provide software development and consultation services (we like what we do).

Interested in some quality code? Contact us - because having a second option in forward can never hurt!

We’re no agency. We’re just a group of highly motivated individual developers, architects, managers – each with more than a decade of experience - passionated about software development.

Each of us owns a fully registered one-person company, allowing us to work as a contractor for companies from US, EU and other regions. It is comparable to a Slovak business signing a contract with a foreign company. Since we do work remotely from Slovakia, without the need to travel to the clients’ country, so we don’t require any VISA.

Even as individual team members, we’re able to create amazing things!

Hire one & get the experience of all.


CEO, .NET Lead & Architect


Our main field is: Full stack .NET enterprise software solutions development & JavaScript frameworks

Software development & consultation

Although we provide enterprise software development and consultation services (incl. outsourcing) that cover the entire software development lifecycle, we focus also on analysis, architecture, implementation & testing (including development documentation) as well.


  • Micro-services and Domain driven design
  • DRY, KISS, SOLID, YAGNI principles
  • MVC and Web API
  • Windows and mobile applications, MVVM
  • ORM (Entity framework, NHibernate)
  • Messaging brokers (Hangfire.IO, NServiceBus)
  • jQuery, Knockout JS, AngularJS, Aurelia

Solutions and industries

Our solutions include CRM, ERM, Data management systems and integration for a variety of companies and industries, including:

  • oil & gas
  • government
  • finance & banking


Car insurance portal

Universal Plans Services (UPS) Software Bundle (.NET & Angular with KendoUI)

Texas 911 - Kari's Law

Document registry / Document management

Register for the Monuments Board of the SR

Document scanning, OCR and anonymization


Working Hours


Completed Projects


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